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Privacy Policy

Your solitude is critically grave to us. We possess a few essential principles:

  • We are cogitative encircling the sundericular conclude we ask you to cater and the sundericular value that we sum encircling you through the accomplishment of our benefits.
  • We treabelieving sundericular value for no hankerer we indeed possess a deficiency to sustain it or when it is required by law.
  • We aim to mould it as unaffected as potential for you to repress what value on this website is distributed generally-knownly (or kept privy), crooked by exploration engines, and permanently deleted.
  • We aim for bountiful nakedness on how we supplement, use, and distribute your sundericular value.

Below is our Solitude Policy, which incorporates and clarifies these principles.

If you possess an unresolved solitude or conclude use solicitude that we possess not addressed satisfactorily, content touch our U.S.-installed third verge challenge disentanglement caterr (generous of admonish) at

Who We Are and What This Solitude Policy Covers

Hi there! We are the folks aback this website. We are the crew Assignment Press.

This Solitude Policy applies to value that we sum encircling you when you use:

  • Our website –;
  • Our ductile applications (either for Android and iOS); and
  • Other products and benefits that are advantageous on or through our websites (including plagiarism obstruct if any).

Throughout this Solitude Policy we’ll attribute to our website, ductile applications and other products and benefits sumively as “Services.”

We are committed to guard and honor your solitude. This Solitude Policy sets out how we may use, mode and treabelieving your sundericular value. If such sundericular value can undeviatingly or inundeviatingly attribute to you as a uniformtual peculiar, such value consists your “Personal Data” and shall be guarded by us subjoined a while a exact foresight. Below we interpret how we sum, use, and distribute value encircling you, ahanker subjoined a while the choices that you possess subjoined a while honor to that value.

If you possess any questions encircling this Solitude Policy, content touch us.

How We Can Delay Your Information

We may get that value from you or our sunderners, through curtails or other remitable arrangements you possess subjoined a while us or our sunderners on bestead of us, in regulate to surrender curtailual/allowable obligations. Your dispensation and acquiesce can be sumed by us undeviatingly, or we may delay your sundericular value from third sunderies whom you possess attached acquiesce to by this value on to us.

Information we sum encircling you

If you scrutinize our website or constituent communities, we may automatically sum value encircling you, for issue:

  • Technical value
  • IP addresses
  • Information encircling what fashion of invention you use to delay to our website
  • How you interact subjoined a while our website.

For past value discover our Cookie Policy.

Here you can experience the fashions of the Particular Conclude we sum and the resolves of its modeing.

#Personal value fashionsPurposes we sum your value for
1User’s Countryverification of the Userprevention of deceptive use and resale of User’s statementstax implications, VAT resolves
2User’s emailthe deep touch of despatch subjoined a while Userto cater you subjoined a while marketing and promotional materials
3User’s Name and Surnameverification of the Userfor invoices, billing and taxationprevention of deceptive use and resale of User’s statements
4Phone Numberverification of the Userthe touch of present despatch subjoined a while Usercustomer food
5City/state/ZIP code/addressbilling value for invoices

Why do we sum Particular Data?

We sum value for the some or all of subjoined discusss:

  • To cater benefits to you subjoined you possess regulateed one of our benefits through the website;
  • To cater value encircling products or benefits you possess shown cause in purchasing subjoined a whilein a sound season subjoinedwards, if you are already an true customer;
  • To cater value to you encircling products or benefits you possess purchased from us, or connected products or benefits;
  • To cater benefits to you subordinate curtail;
  • For remitable discusss, for issue, if you possess penetrateed into a curtail subjoined a while us;
  • To cater value to you encircling our products and benefits if you possess acquiesceed to delay it.

Grounds of suming value from you

We may sum value from you when we possess a remitable discuss (undisputed by law or subordinate curtail) to sum the value, or when you possess acquiesceed for us to do so for a specific reunfold (e.g. benefits supplies or newsletters).

Legal conclude we possess for modeing your sundericular conclude

We may mode your sundericular conclude consequently:

  • We possess a curtail subjoined a while you;
  • You possess attached us dispensation to do so;
  • We must cater benefits to you consequently you possess regulateed them;
  • You possess asked us to do so;
  • To resign subjoined a while the law.

All of these discusss are discusss we may remitablely mode the value we possess encircling you.

Ways of giving value

You may produce us value encircling you subjoined a while your acquiesce, for issue:

  • By satisfaction in a form or impeling us an e-mail;
  • By columning an regulate at the website;
  • Posting critiques and feedbacks at the website;
  • Contacting subjoined a while us through our phone aggregate.

This value may be sundericular, financial, educational, or connected to your regulate.

You may produce us value for remitable discusss, such as to penetrate into a curtail subjoined a while us, when you are buying benefits from us.

Information we delay from other sources

We may delay value encircling you if you use any of the other websites we own-effect, any other benefits we cater, or from our vocation sunderners entitled to sum value on our bestead.

We besides operation subjoined a while third sunderies (including, for issue, vocation sunderners, sub-contractors in technical, reimbursement and surrendery benefits, advertising networks, analytics caterrs, exploration value caterrs, honor attributeence agencies, setting obstructing agencies) and may delay value encircling you from them as sinferior of the benefit we cater you, or for other remitable discusss.

Files. We may sum and treabelieving the files you upload, download, or mode subjoined a while the Website. Content do not distribute subjoined a while us the files you are not careless to use. Content do not upload or distribute subjoined a while us the files that comprise your sundericular value or sundericular value of third sunderies subjoined a whileout dispensation. We may not rejoinder-for that such sundericular value earn be detaind.

Who rule we distribute your value subjoined a while?

We may distribute your sundericular conclude subjoined a while third sunderies, either consequently you possess acquiesceed to authorize us to do so or for other remitable discusss. For issue, we may distribute your sundericular value subjoined a while:

  • Our marketing staff to cater you subjoined a while promotional materials subjoined you possess registered at our website;
  • Our assembly companies, which media our subsidiaries, or our conclusive trade crew and its subsidiaries, as defined in individuality 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006;
  • Subcontractors and third sunderies for the reunfold of the accomplishment of a curtail that we delay subjoined a while them or that we delay subjoined a while you;
  • With third sunderies consequently you possess attached acquiesce;
  • With third sunderies who cater us benefits consequently you possess purchased commodities or benefits.

Other discusss we may distribute your sundericular value subjoined a while a third verge

If Assignment Press or in-effect all its proceeds are extraneous by a third verge, sundericular conclude held by it encircling its customers earn be one of the catching proceeds of the crew.

In specification, we earn distribute your sundericular conclude subjoined a while third sunderies for the subjoined discusss:

  • If we must resign subjoined a while a remitable obligation; in rallyd situations, we may be required to divulge sundericular conclude in exculpation to constitutional petitions by generally-known authorities, including to confront exoteric pledge or law exertment requirements.
  • If it is remitablely petitioned by legislation agency;
  • To exert or allot our Website Terms of Use or other agreements;
  • To guard the lawfuls, wealth, or defence of Assignment Press, our customers or others;
  • If substitute value subjoined a while third sunderies aimed to nullify robbery or to impoverish our honor risks.

Aggregated conclude

We may, from season to season, cater third sunderies subjoined a while conclude that has been aggregated.

This media that your sundericular value that could be used to realize you possess been removed from the conclude. Conclude caterd to third sunderies in this way is not sundericular conclude and is barely statistics or homogeneous conclude; still, you do sustain your lawful to appearance.

Where we treabelieving and mode your sundericular conclude

We primarily treabelieving and mode your sundericular conclude in the EU/European Economic Area or USA (“EEA”). By confirming this Solitude Policy you produce us the lawful to treabelieving your sundericular conclude in other states if we possess servers or storages delayout the EEA. We rally you that all your conclude is encrypted in detain way and no distrusted peculiars may mode them.

Some issues of discusss your conclude may be modeed delayout of the EEA include:

  • Order fulfilment;
  • Payment modeing;
  • Technical food benefits.

If your sundericular conclude cannot be modeed subjoined a whilein the EEA, we earn:

  • Comply subjoined a while all conclude guardion principles;
  • Where potential, elect a kingdom that is on the roll of the EU Commissions’ countries that cater wide guardion for the lawfuls and generousdoms of conclude subjects;
  • If the convey is to the United States of America, we earn use sound endeavors to mould believing they sundericipate in the Solitude Shield program;
  • Make believing we possess assessed the identity of guardions in all other cases.

Access to your sundericular conclude via byword

Where we possess attached you (or where you possess separated) a byword which enables you to mode rallyd sunders of our website, you are imperative for sustaining this byword trustworthy. We ask you not to distribute a byword subjoined a while anyone.

Transmission and storage of your sundericular conclude

Unfortunately, the transmission of value via the internet is not thoroughly detain. We cannot rejoinder-for the pledge of your conclude as it is pestilential and treasured, still we shall use best experience to enbelieving your conclude is encrypted to the plummet required in the GDPR to guard your sundericular conclude.

How hanker earn we sustain your sundericular conclude?

We earn not arrest your Particular Conclude for hankerer than required.

We earn sustain your sundericular value:

  • For as hanker as required by law
  • Until we no hankerer possess a efficient discuss for sustaining it
  • Until you petition us to seal using it or delete it.

We may sustain fair sufficient of your Particular Conclude to enbelieving that we resign subjoined a while your petitions not to use your sundericular value or resign subjoined a while your lawful to unindicativeness. For issue, we must sustain your petition to be expunged uniform if it includes your sundericular conclude until such season as you are no hankerer our customer, or for tax resolves etc.

If you possess questions encircling our Conclude Retention Policy, we can cater you a observation. Content touch:

If you chose not to produce your sundericular value to us

If the Particular Conclude is certain in regulate to cater benefits to you subordinate a curtail betwixt you and Assignment Press, we earn possess to debris penetrateing into that curtail or providing the benefits anteriorly you produce us your sundericular value.

Your Rights

We earn honor your remitable lawfuls to your Particular Data.

Below are the lawfuls that you possess subordinate law, and what we do to guard those lawfuls:

Legal lawfulWhat we do to guard your lawfuls
The lawful to be knownWe are publishing this Solitude Policy to sustain you known as to what we do subjoined a while your sundericular value. We struggle to be indisputable encircling how we use your conclude. We earn besides rejoinder all your questions concerning this Policy impel to:
The lawful to modeYou possess the lawful to mode your value. Content touch our Conclude Defence Officer at if you craving to mode the sundericular value we delay encircling you.
The lawful to rectificationIf the value we delay encircling you is defective or not exhaustive, you possess the lawful to ask us to a-deficiency it. If that conclude has been byed to a third verge subjoined a while your acquiesce or for remitable discusss, then we must besides ask them to a-deficiency the conclude. Content touch our Conclude Defence Officer if you deficiency us to a-deficiency your value:
The lawful to unindicativenessThis is sometimes designated ‘the lawful to be forgotten’. If you absence us to expunge all your sundericular conclude and we do not possess any remitable discuss to remain to mode and delay it, content touch our Conclude Defence Officer:
The lawful to reexact modeingYou possess the lawful to ask us to reexact how we mode your conclude. This media we are careless to treabelieving the conclude but not aid mode it. We sustain fair sufficient conclude to mould believing we honor your petition in the advenient. If you absence us to reexact modeing of your conclude, content touch our Conclude Defence Office:
The lawful to conclude confirmnabilityWe must authorize you to get and reuse your sundericular conclude for your own resolves over benefits in a certain and detain way subjoined a whileout this effecting the usability of your conclude. Content touch our Conclude Defence Officer if you absence value how to confirmn your conclude elsewhere: This lawful barely applies to sundericular conclude that you possess caterd to us as the Conclude Controller. The conclude must be held by us by acquiesce or for the accomplishment of a curtail.
The lawful to appearanceYou possess the lawful to appearance to us modeing your conclude uniform if it is installed on our remitable causes, the practice of functional pattern, plain marketing (including conclude conglomeration), and modeing for the resolveless statistics. If you craving to appearance, content touch our Conclude Defence Officer:
The lawful to subjoined a whiledraw acquiesceIf you possess attached us your acquiesce to mode your conclude but possess progressive your remembrance columnerior, you possess the lawful to subjoined a whiledraw your acquiesce at any season, and we must seal modeing your conclude. If you absence to subjoined a whiledraw your acquiesce, content touch our Conclude Defence Officer:
The lawful to trouble to a Supervisory AuthorityYou possess the lawful to trouble to the ICO if you impress that we possess not responded to your petitions to unfold a bearing. You can experience their touch details here:

Links to Other Websites

From season to season, our website may comprise embodys to and from websites of our sunderner networks, advertisers and affiliates. If you supervene a embody to any of these websites, content silence that these websites may possess their own solitude values and that we do not confirm any obligation or jurisdiction for any such values. Content obstruct these values, where advantageous, anteriorly you propose any sundericular conclude to these websites.

Age Limitations

To the quantity prohibited by ry law, we do not authorize use of our Services and Websites by anyone younger than 16 years old. If you collect that anyone younger than 16 has unlawfully caterd us subjoined a while sundericular conclude, content touch us and we earn captivate steps to delete such value.

Changes to this Solitude Policy

We may substitute this Solitude Policy from season to season. Laws, regulations and activity plummets encircleate, which may mould those substitutes certain, or we may mould substitutes to our vocation. We earn column the substitutes to this page and tolerate you to critique them to arrive known. If we mould substitutes that materially change your solitude lawfuls, we earn cater specificational value, such as via email or through the Website. If you dissociate subjoined a while the substitutes to this Solitude Policy, you should deactivate your statement.

The Laws and Regulations

The laws that direct sundericular conclude in the UK are:

  • The Conclude Defence Act (1998)
  • REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the guardion of uniformtual peculiars subjoined a while value to the modeing of sundericular conclude and on the generous change-of-place of such conclude and repealing General Conclude Defence Regulation (“GDPR”).

The stubborn pattern that upholds value lawfuls in the generally-known cause in the United Kingdom is the Value Commissioner’s Office (the “ICO”). Aid value can be endow at


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