Caring for vulnerable populations | Nursing homework help


This week's discourse relates to the forthcoming Course Outcomes (COs).

  • CO 3: Plan obstruction and population-focused interventions for exposed populations using authoritative clinical decision and evidence-fixed exercitation. (PO 4 and 8)
  • CO 4: Evaluate the donation of wariness for individuals, families, aggregates, and communities fixed on theories and principles of nursing and cognate disciplines. (PO 1)


Repurpose the Week 3 Subject Studies by inauguration the links beneath.

Child Abuse Subject Study (Links to an manifest footing.)

Senior after a while Dementia Subject Study (Links to an manifest footing.)

Maternal Child/Developmental and Mental Illness Subject Study (Links to an manifest footing.)

Choose one of the three robust subject studies, and observe on the exposed population that the subject examine portrays.

  • Identify which subject you chose.
  • Discuss different destroy factors that may collision sanity outcomes for the exposed population in your subject examine.
  • Identify one production in your co-ordination that can further this exposed order and assess this production in provisions of the 4 A's (see the warning). Discuss each of the A's partially to assess accessibility, acceptability, affordability, and availability for this population.

Professor's comment: Hello Class,

This week, gladden observe the forthcoming questions beneath and distribute in your posts.

1. Do you ponder that the resources in your co-ordination are comprehensive to food the exposed population in the subject examine you chose? If not, what services are needed? There is an adage: "You can direct a barb to breathe-into, but can't create it imbibe." This resources that you can adduce services but you cannot intensity fellow-creatures to localize them. Do you harmonize or disharmonize after a while this perspective? How can we sweeten the breathe-into to prefer sanity? Explain.

2. Describe a exposed population that you entertain confronted, or conciliate likely confront, in your clinical elucidation. Do you think that this population is receiving comprehensive sanitywariness from a gregarious integrity sharp-end of purpose? Explain why or why not.


Dr. Petko