Nucleic Acid and Metabolism Presentation


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Nucleic Acid and Metabolism Presentation
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you will create a powerpoint research presentation about any disorder of Nucleic Acid, Heme or Iron metabolism that you can find in chapters 23-25 of the book attached below. The presentation must follow the outline listed in the instructions and each topic must have at least one full slide with detail either on the slide or the separate script that you will write so i can do a voice attachment for each slide. the script must be more detailed and thorough than what’s on the slide and not just reading off the slide. there is a 10 min time limit, so reading the script and going through the whole slideshow should be at least 7 mins. you need 10 scholarly citations minimum all in AMA format.

the instructions and rubric of the presentation are attached below so please make sure you read them and understand all it asks you to do.

please make sure you are detailed and explain everything as it is crucial to grading.