New England College Major Change Leadership Discussion


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New England College Major Change Leadership Discussion
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Each response post must be 150-200 words, with citations and atleast one reference. Will send you the posts after responding to my question.

post 1: At the peak of the 2020 global pandemic, the company had to do some major restructuring in which most of the employees were required to work from home while the remaining ones had to work in widely spaced-out offices. The chairperson of the IT department was tasked with establishing a remote working plan for the entire company in a very short time, which required most of the IT team which I was a part of. The change was highly disruptive and led to some confusion as some of the employees who were told not to physically report to the office mistook the message for an ongoing investigation that required them to be absent from their workplaces. As Martin (2021) explained, communication is an important part of being an effective leader. While the leader of this project eventually sent out clear communication in the form of email and SMS notifications to the affected employees and gained their trust, the timing of the communication made had already prompted some workers to apply in other companies as they panicked.

One of the behaviors I observed from the leader that contributed to the success of the project is the leader’s ability to work alongside his team while giving them the autonomy they required to perform their work. By working as part of the team, the leader does not lead by directing, rather than by incorporating the feedback from the different team members and establishing the most effective path to achieve a given goal. By working together with the team rather than directing the team with assertions, a leader establishes trust with the team and creates a learning experience where conflicts can also be part of learning as Wibowo and Hayati (2019) recommended. I will ensure to use clear and effective communication as a leader heading major organizational changes, as well as work with my team rather than direct them on how to do their work.

post 2: During a time of major change, a leader I observed who maintained the trust of the team was the manager. He tried to engage everyone on the team and this made the change process easier to manage (Hunt & Fedynich, 2019). To maintain the trust of the team, he always open to listen and communicate his thoughts openly and created a circle of safety by giving each of the team members a sense of purpose and belonging (Hunt & Fedynich, 2019). He listened to the views of the team members and welcomed feedback which he received positively. He led by example and supported the team when members experienced challenges.

Several behaviors led to the success of my manager. He was not afraid to make decisions, especially tough ones. He looks at the things carefully, do proper research and stick to the plan, this made our team to work confidently and achieve our goals. Communication plays key role in every team; he interacts with team and ensure that team members know they can talk to him about anything. This gives an opportunity for us to connect with our manager and discuss any issue as we know he can listen to our thoughts. He also appreciates the work done by the team, it helps one to grow and continue the hard work.

As a leader, I would integrate the traits of this leader when faced with major organizational change. I would ensure to effectively communicate with my team. Having an honest conversation with my team and asking them the right question would ensure an efficient flow of information (Lai, 2017). Information is a very powerful tool during a change process. I would also encourage my team to provide feedback so that together we can improve and make the change process easier.