MBA 7600 Wilmington University Marketing Management Discussion


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MBA 7600 Wilmington University Marketing Management Discussion
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This is easy assignment for week 1. For this assignment, you will be researching three organizations in the same industry.

Your organizations are (FEDEX- UPS- DHL). These are publicly traded companies.

One of these organizations will be the company you create a business plan for next weeks.


Part One:
you’ll step into the role of Marketing Manager and conduct a competitor analysis based on this week’s readings.

For this section, you’re writing for the Executive Team at your organization, so professional, concise, business-style writing is required for your competitor comparison.

You’ll need to create an easy-to-read comparison in a grid format that provides a clear overview of as many of the following categories as possible for EACH company:

Types of products/services offered;

Current market share–and whether it is increasing or decreasing;

Unique Selling Proposition;

Geographical areas covered;

Pricing structure;

Customer ratings for products or services;

Employee ratings; customer review

Total sales volume

Part Two

(1-2 pages) Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organizations (Fedex- UPS- DHL). Which organization is the strongest?For which would you most like to become Chief Marketing Officer and why? This section should be written in APA format, supported by references