Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes

The American University in Cairo School of Sciences and Engineering Province of Mechanical Engineering Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes Overview Review Questions 1. What are the contendences among earliest, resultant, and tertiary industries? Give an pattern of each sort. Answer. A earliest perseverance is one that cultivates and exploits true media, such as tillage or mining.A resultant perseverance takes the outputs of earliest industries and converts them to consumer and high consequence. Examples of resultant industries are textiles and electronics. A tertiary perseverance is in the use sector of the management. Examples of tertiary industries are banking and direction. 2. How are effect miscellany and effection muchness akin when comparing regular factories? Answer. Generally effection muchness is inversely akin to effect miscellany.A factory that issues a catholic miscellany of effects conciliate issue a smaller muchness of each. A direct that issues a separate effect conciliate issue a catholic muchness. 3. Define manufacturing cleverness. Answer. Manufacturing cleverness refers to the technical and substantial limitations of a manufacturing solid and each of its establishs. Three categories of cleverness conceive technological systeming cleverness, substantial dimension and gravity, and effection ability. 4. How does a shaping system conwatch from a demeanor systeming consequenceion? Answer. A shaping system changes the surveying of the actance esthetic (machining or forging). A demeanor systeming consequenceion does not change the surveying, but instead changes the properties and/or show of the demeanor of the actance (painting or plating) 5. What is the contendence among a system layout and a effect layout in a effection adroitness? Answer. A system layout is one where the munimentry in a establish is stereotyped established on the likeness of system it acts. To issue a effect it must scrutinize the provinces in the direct of the consequenceions that must be acted. This frequently conceives catholic trip lengths among the establish. A system layout is frequently used when the effect miscellany is catholic the consequenceion thriveings of effects are unlike. A effect layout is one where the munimentry is stereotyped established on the public issue of the effects that conciliate be issued. Trip length is sunk accordingly effects conciliate publicly issue to the instant muniment in the thriveing. A effect layout actances well-mannered-mannered when all effects watch to thrive the identical thriveing of effection. Multiple Choice Quiz 1. Which of the thriveing industries are classified as resultant industries (three reform answers): (a) beverages (b) financial uses, (c) fishing, (d) mining, (e) effectiveness utilities, (f) publishing, and (g) demeanor? Answer. (a), (e), and (f). 2. Inventions of the Industrial Revolution conceive which one of the thriveing: (a) automobile, (b) cannon, (c) printing impress, (d) fume engine, or (e) sword? Answer. (d). 3. Do ferrous metals conceive which of the thriveing (two reform answers): (a) aluminum, (b) character able-bodied, (c) copper, (d) gold, and (e) steel? Answer. (c) and (e). 4. Which one of the thriveing is a muniment used to act extrusion: (a) produce hesitate, (b) milling muniment, (c) rolling mill, (d) impress, (e) torch? Answer. (d). 5. A effection planning and regulate province end which of the thriveing functions in its role of providing manufacturing prop (two best answers): (a) designs and directs muniment tools, (b) develops municipal strategic plans, (c) directs esthetics and purchased ability, (d) acts character inspections, and (e) schedules the direct of effects on a muniment? Answer. (c) and (e).