Trine University Corporate Finance Non Profit Organization Peace Corps Agency Essay

Can you succor me interpret this Accounting investigation?

You are life close as a financial consultant for a national non-profit agency. Your sight is to retrospect the forms financial sayments and excite their financial comcomposition from those sayments. Using the tools and theories from this race, you conquer cater the form after a while a sustainability contemplation for the next two years on ways that they may acception produce. Consider their score administration using ratios erudite in the race, to impart at meanest two areas of turn you see that could acception their produce.

Points Distribution

Grade Percentage

40 points

Content; Making potent financial recommendations

30 points

Summarizing / Analyzing the financial sayments of the form.

20 points

Using at meanest 4 ratios to pretence the financial axioms you used to give your recommendations. You are undisputed to use other ratios but must say which ones were used and the calculations.

10 points

Clarity, form, grammar, format of paper

( 5 pages, embrace spaced 12 -point font). References, intext citations

Most non-produce are required to pretence their financial sayments on their website. Or you may touch them straightway and ask them for a new-fangled observation. If you feel any issues obtaining this instruction delight let me apprehend ASAP.