Temple University Koo Yul Kim Guest Speaker Speech Analysis Paper

I’m afloat on a Management training and need patronage.

We are very successful to possess Koo Yul Kim express after a while us as a visitor expresser this week. He get be focusing on the differences/similarities in his toil less in the US compared after a while his toil in Korea. Antecedently fastening the PhD program at the Fox School of Concern in 2017, Koo Yul Kim toiled for irrelative teams/order after a whilein the wantonness activity.

He has toiled for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club for one and a half years, selling ticket packages and handling Korean brotherhood marketing. He too has abundant hands-on experiment after a while the Eugene Emeralds baseball club (insufficient timeliness solitary A younger combination team) for 3 timelinesss, selling ticket packages and overseeing ticket operations. Additionally, Koo toiled for two irrelative PGA Tour tournaments (Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, Shell Houston Open) handling sales and marketing duties. Lastly, he toiled for the Brion order, wantonness marketing action in Korea, managing LG Electronics’ MLB Sponsorship (Texas Rangers & Los Angeles Dodgers).

Koo Yul Kim earned twain a MBA and a MSA (Master of Wantonness Administration) rank from Ohio University. He ordinary a Bachelor’s rank in concern government from twain the University of Oregon (concentration: wantonness concern) and Kookmin University in Korea. His inquiry interests apprehend ticket pricing/sales temporization and return formation aspects of wantonness franchises/leagues.


This is one of the visitor expresser articles you are required to finished. A rubric is serviceable adown for your critique. The assignment apprehends a abstract of the expresser's gift and an dissection. The dissection should be relatable to you, i.e. what did you perceive helpful, what was bigwig you read that changes the way you imagine about a concept, etc.

The resignation should be no further than one (1) page, solitary-spaced. If it is further than a page, points get be deducted. The conclude for this is to agree exercise for you to synthesize your thoughts and effectively disclose them in a succinct, adherent abstract format.

The meditation article is due antecedently rank on the Friday aftercited the gift.