STCC Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media in the Workplace Paper

I’m started on a Management inquiry and demand direction to succor me examine.

For Professional Experience #4, you conciliate invent an sketch of your endowment in Word or Excel using inadequate bullet points and key notification that you deficiency to promulgate (in either your audio or video recording for Week 8). You conciliate be granted after a while an sketch amplifyment (attached). and you may appropriate to use that amplifyment format or invent your own for this Professional Experience.


Step One: Access, download, and critique the “Presentation Sketch Sample” instrument that is granted to you as an amplifyment.

Step Two: Critique the Sketch Guidelines that you conciliate use to invent an sketch for your Week 8 endowment grounded on Week 6’s PowerPoint endowment (attached). Make positive you permission the comments post bare so your professor can contribute feedback.

Outline Guidelines:

  • Use Microsoft Word or Excel simply to full your sketch.
  • Use inadequate bullet points, rather than hanker paragraphs.
  • Focus simply on the key points in your Week 6 endowment; escape discussing near weighty details.
  • Refer to the amplifyment sketch (granted in the Student Center).
  • Base your meekness on the sketch format in the amplifyment or invent your own for this Professional Experience.

Note: You may use the granted Endowment Sketch Sample or amplify a divergent sketch of your own using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.