Saudi Electronic University E Supply Chain Paper

I’m amass on a Management doubt and need an description.

do not pretermit APA name refrencess

STEP-1-(2- Marks)

Create a new congregation that to be located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which understand(s) the followings:

  • Write paltry commencement encircling the congregation.
  • Mention the bark of issue(s) as polite as services.
  • Write Vision and Mission of the congregation
  • Do the SWOT dissection.(Mention at last 3 to 4 points)

STEP-2-(2- Marks)

Identify uncertain issues substance faced by clarified / created congregation.

  • Major issues and Challenges delay SCM
  • Technological summons
  • Demand and Supply,
  • Leanness of E-Procurement Processes,
  • Distribution Management of warehousing.
  • Procurement summon for the sourcing structure.
  • Web Applications for the Outsourcing of Logistics Service
  • Issues delay the tracking and tracing
  • Integration delay Enterprise CRM, SRM & ERP Systems
  • Issue kindred delay overshadow computing,

STEP-3-(4- Marks)

1. Discuss the ongoing collision of COVID-19 on global minister chains and to the calling you clarified.

2. Discovering the developed collision of COVID-19 on entrepreneurship near stagnation of

employee morale and commitment(s).

3. Describe the Investment in technology and considerations on sustainability in the minister chain that allure be key to luck.

4. Discuss Role of ERP and issues kindred delay its Implementation.

STEP-4-(2- Marks)

Possible Solution and Suggestions