PROJ 430 Brooklyn College Project Management Plan Paper

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Please see benevolence for assignment. It is the highlighted individuality only

[In this individuality, address your nature administration artifice. Refer to how you achieve value nature, which tools and techniques of nature you achieve use in your scheme and how you achieve cement ongoing advancement of your scheme administration and other processes used to fashion your deliverable in this scheme. Refer to the PMBOK®Guidesections 8.1.2, 8.2.2, and 8.3.2 and the textbook for items to observe in this individuality of your scheme administration artifice].

Apply concepts of quick and Scrum methodologies to the nature administration artifice. Using the forthcoming pattern of an epic transcribe at lowest three epics after a while each having at lowest two user stories.

Scenario: A software bud scheme that gratuity to fashion a SOS app for mountain hikers.

Epic 01: Provide one nothing urgent-compulsory to grant prevalent edge and longitude info to designated recipients, including 911.

User relation 1: Once naturalized a user can strengthen or not characterize the element.

User relation 2: Allow users to optionally grant pristine designate, last designate, and other