Production and Operation Management Can Increase Profits Questions Worksheet

I’m instituted on a Management investigation and deficiency direction to acceleration me examine.

Exam starts in encircling 1 hours and it is 40 minutes exam.

Exam allure be 60 points feasible (6 areas of collections regards- 1 area from Ch. 2 and 5 collection areas from Ch. 3)

attached ch 2 and ch 3 slides

Text magnitude :Shukla, P. K. Operations Management McGraw Hill Create, 2019. Publisher: McGraw Hill Create, Year Published: 2019, ISBN-10: 1307421148 ISBN-13: 9781307421149.

Chapter 2

allure own collections and regards which compromise the regard of productivity measures: completion factor, multifactor, and particular (where the 2 or past inputs of cause are verified). Know how to investigate productivity measures where output is investigated in units and is as-well investigated in completion dollars or income (units of output * selling worth). Know how to investigate strive productivity measures where strive is in units of strive hours and in strive dollars (strive hours * wages).

Chapter 3

1. Know how to do a absolute melting medium prejudge

2. Know how to do a weighted melting medium

3. Know how to do a regard of thread of best fit singly capricious threadar retirement after a while season limit as the dogged capricious and use the retirement equation to prognosticate sales for a advenient season limit, You singly deficiency to confirm the retirement equation and predicted sales appraise.

4. Know how to do a prejudge after a while seasonal refutation, whereyou are dedicated Year 1 quarterly sales facts, overall year-by-year sales expected for Year 2 and are asked to prejudge the Year 2 quarterly sales prejudge using the Year 1 seasonal refutation.