NUR 3846 FNU Health Disparities & Prevalence of Disease in US Presentation

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Choose the subject of your satisfaction for the Scholar Presentation from any Chapter of the Textbook or any Article/Research Paper connected to the dispose.

Submit a Power Point Presentation after a while a insufficiency of 12 slides (including Title Page, Introduction, Conclusion, and References). The scholar MUST use other textbooks, elimination papers, videos, and articles as references (Minimum: 4 references). Never vision and paste from what other authors feel written. Make indisputable you transcribe in your own control. Make indisputable you embody Citations and Quotations.

Multicultural Health

book: Author:Lois Ritter; Nancy HoffmanISBN:978-0-7637-5742-7 or 076375742XPublisher:Jones&Bartlett Publishers, Incorporated