NUR 3846 Florida National University Patient Advocacy Procedure Case Study

I’m amass on a Management investigation and scarcity an explication.

Students achieve critically mete the discoverings from Chapters 20, 21 in your textbook. This assignment is intended to aid you trial, evaluation, and apportion the discoverings and strategies to your Health Care structure, and its legitimate aspects.

You scarcity to discover the PowerPoint assigned for week 7 and unfold a 3-4 page monograph reproducing your conception and aptitude to apportion the discoverings to your Health Care structure and finance. Each monograph must be typewritten delay 12-point font and double-spaced delay measure margins. Follow APA diction 7thedition format when referring to the selected declaration and embrace a allusion page.

Book:Title: Legitimate Essentials of Health Care Administration, Third Edition Author: George D. Pozgar ISBN: 978-1284172560