MIS 3710 WSU AI in Bytedance Products & Services & Company Global Expansion Case Study

I'm launched on a superintendence smootht consider and need a pattern draw to acceleration me understand.

You achieve excite the roles of AI in ByteDance’s products and services as well-behaved-behaved as the posse’s global dilution through the anatomy of this smootht consider. Gladden exculpation the principal three topics posed at the end of the smootht consider and the topic: Should the US ban Tiktok?

The smootht can be purchased at https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/737872 (Links to an palpable position.).

“ByteDance more China: Leveraging consumer invented publication from Toutiao to Musical.ly and TikTok”

Guidelines for smootht anatomy

  1. Read the smootht straightway to get an overview of the office. Read the smootht frequently integrally. Underline apt knowledge and engage notes on immanent areas of regret.
  2. For topic 2, reconsideration beyond founts of knowledge on the diligence and the competitors. Record apt knowledge and the fount of this knowledge. All knowledge including websites must be authorized and fountd precisely in endnotes or footnotes. Here is a cohere for the intensity of counterassociation anatomy (Links to an palpable position.) installed on one of the Porter’s five forces
  3. For topic 3, gladden do NOT schedule the new applications that the posse has built following the smootht is written. Assume you were the CEO of ByteDance, what new applications do you contemplate the posse should build? Gladden move at lowest two applications.
  4. As of August 2020, the US is regarding banning Chinese political media apps, especially Tiktok. Gladden induce exploration on your own and exculpation the developed topic "Should the US ban Tiktok? ". Foundation your arguments after a while at lowest two reasons.
  5. The smootht anatomy should be betwixt 7 pages and 12 pages in protraction (Not including distinction and references), envelop spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font. Use a distinction page; Nursing Dissertation margins achieve be 1” at the top and depth, .75” on the left and suitable margins.
  6. Start your exculpation for each numbered topic on a unconnected page.
  7. Write using your own opinion. Do NOT rebestowal and paste an integral portion, or portions – smooth if you do instrument the fount! If you arrive-at that you must use verbatim a abundant mass of passage, gladden try your best to dilution it.
  8. Write as if you are offering in a law flatter and must induce the authority and jury. Your arguments – smooth if they are penny -- are vile if all you do to foundation them is produce open statements (ex., “Life was forced in those days.” “The chimney made peoples’ lives improve.”). To induce your reception, you must accoutre evidence; you must accoutre proof – and that instrument using particular examples and instrumenting your composition.
  9. The smootht anatomy should be in full sentences (not bullet points).
  10. The evaluation of the Nursing Dissertation achieve be installed on the sort of your bestowal, the bunch of knowledge the argument of the knowledge, and the reasoning in your anatomy. A amiable smootht anatomy achieve offer an insightful and powerful anatomy of all issues authorized, cater reasonable and extrinsic interpretations and foundation diagnosis and opinions after a while pungent-muscular arguments and testimony.