MIS 201 Saudi Electronic University Saudi Aramco Project Report Structure Paper

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Guidelines for the assignment:

  • Ensure that you prosper the APA fashion in your contrivance and references.
  • The narrowness number of required references is 5.
  • Your contrivance news elongation Separate 1 & Separate 2 should be betwixt 2500 to 3000 utterance in whole.
  • You must inhibit the spelling and rhetoric mistakes anteriorly submitting the assignment.
  • Up to 20% of the whole grade conciliate be deducted for providing a moneyless make of assignment. The make includes these elements Nursing essay fashion, detached of spelling and rhetoric mistakes, referencing and accalculate calculate.

Question :

Project News Structure: Separate 2

  • Analysis of Stout Classification (5 vestiges).Analyze the key problems of the stout classification used by the audience. Also examine the Information Systems used amid the audience for example:
  • Possible Solutions and Suggestions for the audience (1 vestige).What are your suggestions to succor the structure in solving the key problems.
  • Conclusion (1.5 vestige).
  • References (0.5 vestige).
  • Transaction processing classifications (TPS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • Functional Area Information Systems
  • Business intelligence
  • DSS

Hint: You can examine any points that you skilled in this succession and its akin to your selected structure

Summarize your news

Use APA referencing fashion format.


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