MGT 530 SEU Companies Supply Chain Management Information Essay

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Supply Tie Government (100 points)

Visit the websites of three Middle Eastern companies affect Al Baik, Almarai, and Emirates Airlines or any others of your choosing. Identify notice on the companies’ minister tie government activities.

Address the subjoined requirements:

  • Identify your selected companies in no further than three paragraphs.
  • In the retaining pages, shiver down notice you ascertain on purchasing issues, supplier issues, logistics, notice systems, kind, and customer utility to parallel and opposition the minister ties of your selected companies.
  • In your definite one or two paragraphs, insinuate improvements for each union established on your comparison to the other two.


  • Your essay is required to be four to five pages in tediousness, which does not understand the name page and allusion pages, which are never a disunite of the gratified stint requirements.
  • Support your patience delay order representative concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at smallest three versed, peer-reviewed life articles. Use the Saudi Digital Library to ascertain your instrument.
  • Use Saudi Electronic University academic congruity standards and flourish APA phraseology guidelines.
  • It is strongly encouraged that you comply all assignments into Turnitin foregoing to complyting them to your preceptor for grading. If you are unsure how to comply an assignment into the Originality Check utensil, retrospect the Turnitin – Student Guide for regular instructions.