MGT 530 Saudi Electronic University Decision Tree in Investment Options Essay

I’m launched on a Economics topic and demand direction to aid me examine.

Decision Tree (100 points)

The sequel to Chapter 5 in your textbook describes and develops diverse resolution trees.

Address the forthcoming requirements:

  • Develop a resolution tree for the plight vivid.
  • Explain the system of developing a resolution tree, entice the resolution tree (apprehend the resolution tree in an sequel showing haphazard nodes, probabilities, outcomes, expected appraises, and net expected appraise).
  • Defend your terminal resolution based on your resolution tree.

Case for consideration—An productions director for a cereal action is faced after a while a rare of:

  1. A large-flake bombardment (A) to donation a new cooker which could profit a esthetic pay-off in stipulations of increased fruits net of consumes but requires an bombardment of 3,750,000 Saudi Riyal. After abundant communicate scrutiny it is judgment that there is a 40% haphazard that a pay-off of 9,375,000 Saudi Riyal achieve be realized, but there is a 60% haphazard that it achieve be singly 3,000,000 Saudi Riyal.
  2. A smaller flake scheme (B) to refurbish an real cooker. At 1,875,000 Saudi Riyal, this non-interference is less valuable but profits a inferior pay-off. Again, abundant scrutiny facts suggests a 30% haphazard of a produce of 3,750,000 Saudi Riyal but a 70% haphazard of it substance singly 1,875,000 Saudi Riyal.
  3. Continuing the offer production after a whileout qualify (C) which consume button, but profits no pay-off.


  • Your essay is required to be lewd to five pages in extension, which does not apprehend the fashion page and allusion pages, which are never a disunite of the gratified poverty requirements.
  • Support your acquiescence after a while line esthetic concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at meanest three skilled, peer-reviewed life articles. Use the Saudi Digital Library to discover your media.
  • Follow APA fashion guidelines.

Review the grading rubric to see how you achieve be graded for this assignment.