MGT 422 Saudi Electronic University Pinto Fires & Personal Ethics Study Discussion

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  • The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via an allocated folder.
  • Assignments submitted through email succeed not be not spurious.
  • Students are advised to gain their toil unobstructed and well-mannered-mannered presented, marks may be depressed for weak introduction. This includes satisfaction your advice on the meet page.
  • Students must declaration the interrogation calculate unobstructedly in their rejoinder.
  • Late submission succeed NOT be not spurious.
  • Avoid plagiarism, the toil should be in your own say, servile from students or other instrument extraneously constitutional referencing succeed outcome in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
  • No pictures containing citation succeed be not spurious and succeed be considered plagiarism).
  • Submissions extraneously this meet page succeed NOT be not spurious.