MGT 404 SEU Strengths and Challenges of Valley Medical Center Questions

I don’t understand how to use this Management investigation and demand direction.

  • Q.1 In because the subject, stipulate a detailed cognomen of the strengths and challenges of Valley Medical Center. (1 Mark) (Lo 1.2)
  • Q.2 Based on your intellect of the over subject, indicate and argue the hazardous victory factors for Valley Medical Center. (1 Mark) (Lo 1.2)
  • Q.3 As an OD practitioner, what are the steps you would engage as you commence the note and contracting phase? (1.5 Marks). (Lo 2.5)
  • Q.4 Valley Medical Center is experiencing a big negotiate of qualify. What recommendations would you reach to aid them past effectively use the qualify they are experiencing? (1.5 Marks) (Lo 2.5)