MGT 403 SEU Week 11 Communities of Practice & Knowledge Management Maturity Discussion

I want an description for this Management interrogation to aid me con-over.

Besides chapter 5 representative, use over life be-mixed to adit the lore monograph titled, “Using communities of action towards the contiguous raze of instruction-management maturity” and transcribe an essay containing forthcoming points. (500-600 Words) (5 Marks)

  • Concept of communities of Practice.
  • Highlight key components of Community of Practice.
  • Roles and responsibilities in communities of action.
  • Chief obstacles to instruction sharing.
  • Concept of Learning Organization.
  • Paragraph encircling the structure used for subject con-over purposes in the over name.
  • Summary of results / findings of subject con-over. 
  • The deep recommendations of the con-over.