MGT 402 Saudi Electronic University Start up Business Plan

I’m intricate to con-over for my Management round and I scarcity some acceleration to learn this topic.

Start-up Vocation Plan

Assume yourself as an entrepreneur of a minute startup vocation in Saudi Arabia.

Write pigmy notes on the forthcoming objectives:

1. Owners

a. Your Vocation Name, Address, E‐Mail

2. General Vocation Description (300 – 400 expression)

A. What vocation procure you be in? What procure you do?

•Mission Statement

•Company goals and objectives

B. Vocation Philosophy

a. What is influential to you in your vocation?

• To whom procure you traffic your fruit?

• Describe your Industry: Is it a development perseverance? What hanker account or Short-account changes do you foreknow in the perseverance? How procure your assemblage assume usage of it?

• Describe your most influential assemblage strengths and nucleus competencies: What factors procure fashion the assemblage exceed? What do you imagine your main competitive strengths procure be? What elucidation experiment, skills, and strengths do you personally produce to this new risk?

• Legal fashion of ownership: Sole occupier, Partnership, Corporation, Limited amenability fortification (LLC)? Why keep you chosen this fashion?

3. Products and Services

a. Describe in profoundness your fruits or services. (Technical specifications)

b. What factors procure produce you competitive usages or disadvantages? Examples understand equalize of temper or singular or proprietary features