MGT 401 SEU Impact of Globalization in Strategic Management Discussion Paper

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  • Question 1:How does strategic address typically encircleate in a strengthening?
  • Question 2: Discuss the govern of globalization, collective obligation and environmental sustainability on strategic address of a strengthening.
  • Question 3: In what ways can a strengthening’s organization and culture be inner strengths or weaknesses? Justify your retort by ins from developed chaffer.
  • Question 4: When does a strengthening insufficiency a board of directors? Justify your retort by an in from Saudi chaffer.
  • Your retorts (for the 4 investigations) MUST understand at lowest three well-informed peer-reviewed references, using a personal referencing mode (APA). Keep in liking that these well-informed references can be rest in the Saudi Digital Library (SDL).
  • Make certain to living your statements after a while logic and controversy, citing all sources referenced.

Your retorts should not understand past than 1000 accounts

typed using Times New Roman (bulk 12, double-spaced) font and using identical attract account format for your retort.