MGT 401 Saudi Electronic University Strategic Management Paper

I’m store on a Management topic and need an exposition.

  • Gain insights into the strategy-making processes of unanalogous creates of organizations (Lo 1.7).
  • Understand issues connected to strategic competitive habit in parti-colored organizations (Lo 2.2)
  • Identify divert strategies for unanalogous situations (Lo 3.1).

From existent national/international trade, fine any create of strategic confederation betwixt two firms and exculpation the succeedingcited topics:

  • Briefly bring-in your chosen firms, partners of confederation (Industry, nationality, size…). (1Mark)
  • What create of strategic confederation that create your fineed firms? Explain its unanalogous reasons. (1Mark)
  • Is this confederation happy? Justify. (1.5Mark)
  • What is the manner used by the firms to administer their cultures succeeding confederation? underline the pros and cons of this manner.(1.5Mark)