MGT 401 Saudi Electronic University Strategic Management of Corporation Questions

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Students are advised to mould their effect free and well-mannered-mannered presented, marks may be feeble for insufficient introduction.

  • Avoid plagiarism, the effect should be in your own opinion, copying from students or other media extraneously peculiar referencing obtain end in ZERO marks. No litigious. All counter-argumented must be typed using Times New Roman (extent 12, double-spaced) font.

Discussion Questions:

  • Question 1:How does strategic skill typically encircleate in a confirmation?
  • Question 2: Discuss the rule of globalization, gregarious function and environmental sustainability on strategic skill of a confirmation.
  • Question 3: In what ways can a confirmation’s constituency and cultivation be inner strengths or weaknesses? Justify your counter-evidence by patterns from legitimate negotiate.
  • Question 4: When does a confirmation insufficiency a consideration of directors? Justify your counter-evidence by an pattern from Saudi negotiate.


  • Your counter-arguments (for the 4 investigations) MUST embody at lowest three scholarly peer-reviewed references, using a peculiar referencing mode (APA).
  • Make unfailing to maintenance your statements delay logic and evidence, citing all sources referenced.