MGT 322 SEU Supply Chain Process in Burger King Company Executive Summary

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Critical Thinking

The design of this assignment is to establish and employ Logistics and Yield Tie Management concepts/tools to propose yield tie system/logistics accomplishment priorities. To this design, you should Consider provision 1, 2 and reconsideration Fast maintenance toil /Food companies through resultant adapted instruction. Think environing how you can employ the concepts/tools that you well-informed in this road.

Select a fast-maintenance fraternity of your excellent, examination the application of Covid-19 on that fraternity. Explain why you accept after to your conclusions:

The Apology should be 4- 5 pages

The Apology must supervene the plan points below:

1. Executive resume (no over than one page)

- Summarize, what is Yield tie system/logistics accomplishment priorities, what Logistics and Yield Tie Management concepts/tools applied to close the fraternity’s extrinsic.

2. Contrast instruction

- Briefly present the fraternity contrast (e.g., spectry, products, interest extent, dregs, internal/external animated postulates, etc).

3. Problem Description (Covid 19)

- Describe the extrinsics distinctly and favoringally.

- The extrinsic may confound either logistics decision-making or system progress.

4. Application of logistics and Yield Tie Management concepts/tools applied

- Describe, what favoring logistics and Yield Tie Management concepts/tools be applied to close the extrinsic. This exception should form it disencumbered that you learn the concepts/tools you are environing to use.

5. Results

- Analyze the expected results of the proposed key.

6. References