MGT 311 Saudi Electronic University Intro Operation Management Discussion

I deficiency acceleration delay a Superintendence interrogation. All explanations and answers procure be used to acceleration me collect.

Assignment Question(s): (Marks 10)

  • Describe the constitution of operations superintendence in theforthcoming organizations. In doing this:

a)Describe theoperation wayof theproduction regularity( input, transformation and output).

  • Identify operations decisions(process, power, compatability, list and provide security).

A Plastic manufacturing

An visible accountant appointment

(Marks 8) (message enumerate maximum:500)

2)Take a trip of the Woodart factory answer the forthcoming interrogations:

a)Describe the way used?(Marks 1)

b) What opinion way can be used in Woodart factory? (Marks 1) (message enumerate maximum: 100)