MGT 206 University of Nevada Combating the Public Health Crisis JUUL Created PPT

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MGT206:JUUL Adjust Exercise Team Assignment Guidelines

Please belong to Questions 1-6 beneath in researching and preparing your team offer. The assignment is due on Wednesday, November 18 at 1 pm PST.

All offers should be manufactured in a written rasp (PPT, GoogleShare)

Your team may opt to give either in adjust, or via recording.

Please be stable to select all your sources, by including hyperlinks.

Assignment total:8 points

JUUL Case Study:Questions

1. What kinds of claims are life asserted over JUUL in these lawsuits? Please sift-canvass twain the secret adjust exercise lawsuits, and to-boot those lawsuits raspd by the narrate Attorney Generals. Here are some setting media to review:

2. What are the defenses asserted by JUUL, in counter-argument to the lawsuits?

3. What kinds of injuries are life alleged by plaintiffs?

4. What attraction has been recurrent that plaintiffs' injuries were caused by JUUL products?

5. What remedies are plaintiffs seeking and/or accept been granted in these lawsuits?

6. What has occured, or do you deem conciliate occur, to JUUL's transaction design and revenues, as a deduction of these lawsuits?

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