MGT 201 Saudi Electronic University Birkenstock Production Questions Discussion

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Leaning Outcomes:

1.Ability to propel out external and or-laws segregation of consumers’ demands and wants (Lo 2.3)

2.Ability to congregate, evaluate and synthegreatness consumer’s basis to construct external and certified marketing decisions (Lo 2.7)

3.Ability to give-up and unite marketing messages in sensible and administrative behavior (Lo 4.4)

Case Study

Read the Chapter Case Consider entitled “From the Counterculture to the Runway: How Did Birkenstocks Become Fashionable?” from Chapter- 11 “Product, Branding and Packaging decisions” Page: - 358 given in your extractbook – “Marketing” (7th Edition) by Dhruv. Grewal and Michael. Levy (2020) and rejoinder the subjoined Questions:

Assignment Question(s):

1.Visit the corporation website ( and warrant and delineate the incongruous work lines that it markets. (1.5 Marks, Minimum 150 Words)

2.Review the incongruous work categories in each of the corporation's work lines. Which has the principal profoundness? Which has the last? (1.5 Marks, Minimum 150 Words)

3.How has the corporation compositioned its stigma? How does it go encircling communicating its composition? Explain. (2 Marks, Minimum 250 Words)

Note: Support your Answers delay continuity representative concepts, principles, and theories from the extractbook and at last two conversant, peer-reviewed narrative doctrines.