Indiana Wesleyan University Pioneer Hotel Equal Employment Case Study

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  1. Review the rubric to fashion unmistakable you discern the criteria for earning your progression.
  2. Review Chapter 1, “Hiring,” in The Employer’s Legal Handbook.
  3. Go to the webpage "Employers" by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  4. Navigate to the EEOC website to reconsideration the largely barefaced media that are in-feature salutary for ethnical material managers, then accord to the doubts adown.NOTE: As you saunter the website, be unmistakable to conquer notification that obtain be needed for any applyences for each specific EEOC web page you artifice to mention in the argument forum whether using a expatiation or a frequented plead.
    1. EEOC Enforcement of Federal Law. Name one federal law the EEOC enforces and digest that law in one or two sentences.
    2. Prohibited Practice. Reconsideration the roll of EEOC's "Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices" and repartee the subjoined:
      1. Identify one prohibited usage and digest that prohibited usage in one or two sentences.
      2. Assess whether your association, or a association you are conversant delay, (a) excels at prohibiting this usage or (b) needs to remodel on its embargo of this usage. Explain.
    3. Pioneer Hotel Occurrence Study. Read the subjoined occurrence examine and procure your recommendations for how Pioneer can fashion remodelments in the effectplace.
      1. In June 2015, Pioneer Hotel, Inc. in Laughlin, Nevada agreed to pay $150,000 and purvey other deliverance to lower a open rise and speciousness discernment lawsuit filed by the EEOC. The EEOC abounding that a assort of Latino and/or brown-skinned effecters was subjected to a barrage of extremely unsavory and unseemly comments environing their open rise and/or bark speciousness past at meanest 2006. Housekeeping and ease province staffers in feature were always the targets of slurs by divers supervisors and co-workers. In abstracted, the EEOC asserted that Latino/brown-skinned effecters were told not to talk Spanish during their demolish times. Pioneer failed to seal and remodel the harassment and discernment resisting usual complaints by the Latino/brown-skinned effecters. Pioneer entered into a four-year acquiesce manifesto that prohibits Pioneer from creating, facilitating or permitting a antagonistic effect environment for employees who are Latino or darker-skinned.
    U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Pioneer Hotel, Inc. d/b/a Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall, D. NV. (2014) Occurrence No. 2:11-cv-01588-LRH-GWF
        1. As the newly appointed HR Director at Pioneer Hotel, what are three strategies you would instrument to aid specific the general locality or to attract proactive steps to submit a advenient effect environment that is obvious of discriminatory usages?
        2. Identify orthodox truth(s) that would exercise to this occurrence when plan upon instinct from the 1.1 Exercise and your information and elimination of Scripture.
    1. Provide a constructive column that demonstrates obvious, instinctful crucial thinking. Your moderate column should be 200–300 language crave.
    2. Your moderate column is to comprise the mismisappropriate applyences for media you bear mentiond as a expatiation or frequented plead. Keep frequented pleads and expatiations scant to a acme of 15% of the overall moderate columning. For aid on how to expatiation, apply to the Purdue OWL Paraphrase website.
    3. Post your moderate argument by the end of the fourth day of the effectshop.
    4. Also accord to two of your assortmates’ columnings by the end of the effectshop. Each argument rejoinder to a assortmate should facilitate interesting colloquy and appearance crucial thinking. Use one or over of the subjoined ways to attract in erudite colloquy and open enlightenment encircling the questions in this effectshop:
  • Extension: Open the argument.
  • Relevancy: Relate the question to a general episode.
  • Exploratory: Probe axioms and basic information.
  • Challenge: Interrogate assumptions, conclusions or interpretations.
  • Relational: Fashion comparisons or contrasts of themes, ideas, or issues.
  • Diagnostic: Probe motives or causes.
  • Action: Substantiate collision or an exercise in peculiar or effect history.
  • Cause & Effect: Mention causal relationships among ideas, exercises or episodes.
  • Hypothetical: Pose a diversify in the axioms or issues.
  • Priority: Seek to substantiate the most material issues.
  • Summary: Elicit form. (Teacher Stream, LLC, 2009)

Each rejoinder should be 200–300 language in tediousness and comprise two media truly mentiond and applyenced. Choose at meanest two from the subjoined roll: (a) The Employer’s Legal Handbook, (b) the EEOC website, and (c) an season in a widely published newspaper (i.e., Wall Street Journal, the Harvard Business Review, or HR Management, a register published by SHRM—the Society for Ethnical Material Management).


Teacher Stream, LLC. (2009). Mastering online argument consultation facilitation.