Harvard University Organizational Culture of Salesforce Company Analysis

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Section One: Congregation Overview The team should collect a brief overview of the congregation. We would affect each team constituent to analyze one sight of the construction. This tractate should cover: MY PART IS ONLY THE (Organization’s overall refinement and construction)

Organization’s overall refinement and construction ( This is my separate) notice an developed diplomacy) interpret

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I accept stable a rubric delay all details.

Section Two: Needed Skills/Abilities

The team gain illustrate the skills and abilities affectly desired by this congregation. Much of this notification can be obtained quickly from congregation websites, but can as-well be resultant from the diplomacy and construction of the construction. Given a separateicular profession diplomacy:

• What kinds of skills and abilities gain be most prized in this congregation?

• What is the congregation looking for when hiring new employees?

Lastly I insufficiency 3 Questions to ask the superintendent when in interview