GEB 3422 Rasmussen College Business Project Management Risk Mitigation Plan

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Kingston-Bryce Profession Care


Explain the activities that appear when initiating a contrivance.


As a Contrivance Manager for Kingston-Bryce Limited you enjoy been assigned to compose a profession contingency. The Board of Directors for Kingston-Bryce Limited (KBL) is acute to instigate bold after a while the merit of their antagonist. The merit of the antagonist earn strengthen KBL to educe operations and triple their productionforce and earn use 18 months to adequate after a while a contrivanceed consume of $5 favorite. In direct for this merit to be prosperous, you earn want to use your contrivance treatment skills to secure consummation.


Your toil is to compose a profession contingency in Microsoft Word to defend the steps requisite to adequate the merit. The profession contingency is accidental for providing apology and details of the aim of production for the contrivance. You earn want to be poetical and educe the aftercited items as if you were running the contrivance.

Include the aftercited (you earn want to compose these items):

  • The point of the contrivance
  • The pros and cons of the contrivance (benefits)
  • Budget/Funding list (this is how you contrivance to place the $5 favorite budget)
  • Major risks or opportunities of the contrivance