GB 520 UOPX Creating a Wage and Salary Pay Grade System Worksheet

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Case Consider on Creating a Wage and Hire Pay Grade System

This attributement obtain include the invention of a undesigning wage and hire program. You obtain consummate this attributement utilizing Excel. You obtain experience the grading rubric for this attributement aftercited the predicament consider.

Case Study:

This form has 10 divergent lies; due to the noncommunication of having an HR authoritative who understands allowance issues, it is after a whileout any hire make for the employees.

The job titles are:





Administrative Assistant

Sales Professional

Sales Manager

HR Manager

Operations Manager


Your function is to warrant the ranking prescribe of these jobs in the employment naturalized on meanest to most treasure to the form.

This is refined by the aftercited:

1.You obtain scarcity to do some inquiry at and benchmark these lies using regional basis or common basis and rank the salaries of the employees.

2.You can use an extrinsic apex classification to attribute apexs, using compensable factors for the jobs as courteous.

3.Next, you obtain accord the apexs for each lie and attribute these jobs to peculiar pay grades.

Now you possess created an stance of how a allowance authoritative creates pay grades for inner density and palpable competitiveness.