ECOM 201 Saudi Electronic University Management of Medawa Medical Company Essay

I scarcity an sense for this Government investigation to succor me consider.


Consider yourself as Global Director for a Medical Order (Medawa) that is inherent security of vend pharmacy in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and United Kingdom. This order uses digital solutions for their transaction, but it focuses heavily on its vends sales. However, due to the modern Covid-19 pandemic, the way how they do transaction has been remarkably contacted. Not true delay sales, the contact of this pandemic manufactured the way this order employment, unite and produce-an-effect.

Therefore, as the global director of this Medawa medical order you are required to enucleate a component government on the superveneing:

Introduction about the subject-matter.

Explain what are the scant options that Medawa currently own in-reference-to trade delay the pandemic.

What is the plane of technology crisis Medawa scarcitys to support its achievement?

As a global director, inherent from settlement involves the leverage of digital capabilities. What are these capabilities? List and interpret at meanest 3.

Explain what stamp of essential government characteristics conciliate be implemented and why?

How the essential teams conciliate employment concurrently?

What tools are they using for communications and lesson government?

How you conciliate manipulate delivering the new changes delayin a incomprehensive duration in irrelative locations in conditions of tongue, cultural, duration, gregarious, and economical differences?

What are techniques that you conciliate be using to engender a potent team delay a tall plane of teamwork?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of managing a essential team?

What stamp of conflicts faculty befall among members? When it happened how conciliate you clear-up it?

As a director how you conciliate manipulate the outsourced designs?

What techniques that you conciliate use to aid and motivate your team for advancement?


Keep in spirit that the design MUST be befriended by illustration and media. Otherwise, your reply conciliate not be available.

Important components

Due date


End of week 13


15 traces

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Guidelines for the assignment:

This is an peculiar design, which is dissect from your order beak. It requires exertion and delicate thinking.

Use the attached shield page underneath. One trace conciliate be deducted if there is no shield page.

Your assignment must be befriended by illustration and media. Otherwise, your reply conciliate not be available.

Use font Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.

Use 1.5 or envelop sequence spacing delay left Justify all paragraphs.

Use the footer exercise to introduce page number.

Ensure that you supervene the APA phraseology in your design.

Your design narration elongation should be among 2500 to 3000 control.

Up to 20% of the entirety measure conciliate be deducted for providing a weak constitution of assignment. Constitution includes these elements brochure phraseology, liberal of spelling and language mistakes, referencing and term number.