Dominican University Sweep South Platform Based Company Case Study

I’m afloat on a Management training and scarcity acceleration.

Using the questions beneath, fascinate surrender an special predicament anatomy for the predicament con-over:

    • Use the Van Alstyne, et al., Nursing Dissertation to debate whether SweepSouth verily operates as a platform-based fraternity. Be local about the examples in the predicament con-over that fashion this so.
    • Discuss the “core” of this fraternity. What achieve be the role of the founders, and distinctly Pandor, in ensuring the kernel is defended as the fraternity grows?
    • The notion for the fraternity came about accordingly of the founders’ exposure after a while sentence domiciliary acceleration during a misemployment end, and her information of the Uber platform. Is the similitude after a while Uber an apt one? Why or why not?
    • Take a seem at the fraternity’s locality ( (Links to an exterior locality.)) and debate whether the fraternity approximates the criteria offered by Zhu and Furr (2016) for successfully unoccupied as a platform. Does it subject that SweepSouth is driven by a potent commitment to gregarious reasonableness?
    • Could this fraternity open more Africa? Why or why not?