CWU Wk 5 Management Analysis Jack Ma Alibaba & Bill Gates SWOT Analysis Discussion

I insufficiency an exposition for this Management interrogation to acceleration me examine.

A argument environing how the week's passage esthetic applies to the managers you keep chosen for the team report; how the week's esthetic can acceleration you to irritate the managers you keep chosen.

The Manager is: Jack Ma (Alibaba).

This week has 3 PowerPoints and 1 PDF rasp which I steadfast beneath. You ability insufficiency to do some learning if essential, it's righteous a argument, so It's up to you how you achieve do it. As hanker as the instruction is accelerationful.

You can violate down the ideas in state relish this sample:

SWOT Analysis: Bill Gates


- Capabilities and media that it can leverage to uplift a sustainable competitive service in the marketplace

- Strong Balance Sheet and Financial Statement of Gates Bill can acceleration it to endue in new and diverse projects that can further change-modify the income drift and acception Return on Sales (RoS) & other metrics.


- Project Management is too focused on interior grant rather than regarding all the interests of visible stakeholders. This adit can control to inconsiderable exoteric relative and customer backlash.

- Gates Bill mark chronicles on environmental issues is not very encouraging


- Bill can use developments in contrived tidings to amend forebode consumer insist, contribute to niche segments, and shape amend advice engines.


- He is growing dissimilarity is one of the biggest browbeating to not barely globalization but too to capitalism