CPMGT 300 University of Phoenix Project Closeout Process Paper

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Assignment Content

  1. Explain the contrivance closeout process for your team's contrivance in a 1,050- to 1,400-engagement article.
    Address the following:
    • Remind the reader environing the contrivance and the company
    • How customer latest plaudit earn be received
    • Criteria to be met for the customer to acquiesce that the contrivance has been successfully completed
    • The lessons imbibeed as the contrivance is completed - What was performed well-behaved? What could own been performed emend?
    • Project team flatten off - What happens to the contrivance team members? How promptly can they flatten off the contrivance?
    • In which create earn message be delivered to stakeholders?
    • Conclusion
    Remember, this is a article and should not be a Q&A.
    Format your article consonant delay APA guidelines, including a designation page, wrap spacing, 10-12 sharp-end font and references.
    Submit your assignment as an attachment, engagement document