COVID 19 effect on Supply Chain Management Essay

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This is an unequalled spell in narrative. There has been and mitigated succeed never be another global pandemic that succeed entertain such far reaching implications on Provide Chain, Logistics, and Operations Management. To be serviceserviceable to say that you lived through this and premeditated provide manacle during COVID succeed set you aside from so divers others past you entertain the direct mindset. This is why I love this sign of rank consequently we are NOT forced to a textbook. We can examine REAL universe problems and be on the biting laterality of diligence. That said, this week I entertain endow a GREAT video from MIT environing the impacts of COVID on Provide Manacle and Operations.

Watch the attached video and transcribe a 5 Page pamphlet on what you conversant and how you reflect this sign of scholarship succeed utility you in the forthcoming.