CMR 111 Miami University What Is Your Management Style Presentation

I deficiency an exposition for this Skill scrutiny to aid me con-over.

between5-10minutes in durationproviding answers to the scrutinys below.

you achieve tally scrutinys 3-11(end). I enjoy to do 1 and 2 scrutinys by myself.

the screenshot I upload is for scrutiny 8.

Something to note: I ask What is your skill diction? on view. I specifically turnd the scrutiny this way owing this is the scrutiny you achieve get in an conference (rather than, which of French & Raven's force dynamics do you most spread-out?). There is no textbook tally owing it's your skill diction. What matters is how you tail it up. For case, if you said you were task-oriented and supposing models of how that made you a good-tempered-tempered supervisor - you'd appear affect a rockstar applicant. If you said you were task-oriented, and I said bestow me an model and you couldn't, I'd instigate on to the proximate applicant. I lack you to fuse what you erudite in this collocate, direct it to your skills, and turn it affect you would in natural dialogue.