California State University US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Paper

I’m involved to consider for my Skillful-treatment round and I need some aid to interpret this topic.

-Write one-page envelop spaced about Kaiser Permanente contribute association skillful-treatment.

-Reference page.

-how Kaiser Permanente feel their contribute association compared to transmitted businesses.

-Provide a elaborate retrospect of issues/problems faced by bloom custody organizations, how they methodic best manner, process and key takeaways.

-searching online for articles pertaining to their contribute association manners.

Sources for scrutiny: Advice for scrutiny should follow from honorable academic or practitioner registers, (validated) advice conducive in generally-known lordship, on-site visits, and interviews delay bloom custody providers and patients. -Examples of practitioner and academic registers:

O New England Register of Medicine


o Bloom Affairs

o BMJ Kind and safety

o Bloom custody skillful-treatment expertness

Health custody skillful-treatment retrospect

O Nursing Management

Health Services Research

O Nursing Outlook

O Healthcare: the register of delivery expertness and innovation

O Materials skillful-treatment in bloom custody

O Bloom custody financing retrospect

O Register of bloom custody marketing

O Bloom custody manager

O International register of bloom custody finance and economics

O IT bloom custody strategist

O International register of kind in bloom custody

international register of bloom custody kind assurance

o Academy of bloom custody skillful-treatment register

o Bloom custody and informatics retrospect online

Technology and bloom custody

O Bloom custody strategic skillful-treatment