LEG 100 Strayer University Week 9 Consumer Protection Discussion


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LEG 100 Strayer University Week 9 Consumer Protection Discussion
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Week 9 Discussion

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Consumer protection is an important issue, but how much responsibility should the government have in protecting consumer? There are many products that pose a health hazard yet are legal. Choose one of the following examples and explain whether or not you think that the government should ban the product.

  • Cigarettes
  • Beer, wine or liquor
  • Fast food

Peers discussion in which I’ll have to respond too is below

Jamilah Scott

RE: Week 9 Discussion

Hello class I think that the government is still falling when it comes to cigarettes. Because they cause health issues like cancer and early or defective birth and turn your gums. And eats taste buds and turn teeth yellow. And the toxic smell is overwhelming and pollutes the air. And by them upping the age still dont help they are still legally sold. And very much accessible to people. They think that by providing warnings will keep the sales down or cover themselves while still getting their profit. So yes banned cigarettes will be better for earth.