University of Miami Business Law Torts Involved in Sports Powerpoint Presentation

I’m studying for my Business Law dispose and want an explication.

this is for sports law dispose

Powerpoint slides & Outline

Instead of attendant a sporting incident (which you lucidly cannot do now that anything is closed), delight use any immodest instances from any sport you accept constantly cheerful, or perceive illustrations online

(1) postulates and the germinative damnification which may supervene and the local tort which may be implicated,

(2) juridical elements of that tort,

(3) application of those elements to the postulates; and

(4) your questioning of the nerve of any germinatively-advanced juridical defenses to that tort actions.

For illustration, you may observe impart puddling in the bathroom. Explain how a fan could slip, gravitate and be damaged. Note that damnification could trigger oversight. Specify the immodest elements of oversight (be strong to go step-by-step) and localally apportion the elements of the tort to the postulates. Complete the decomposition by examining germinative defenses to the tort of oversight and why that, in your theory, would not apportion