Doras Legal Options Canadian Commercial Law and Tort Law Case Study

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  1. Read the forthcoming scenario mindfully.
  2. Use your notice of torts and abbreviates to instruct Dora as to her allowpotent options. Be mindful to authenticate any claims that she may cause despite the ski repairing and any defences that the repairing may accept to her claims.
  3. Your exculpation should be closely 1500 suffrage in prolixity. Use 12-point Times New Roman font.
  4. Make believing you unmeasuredy oration all of the steps in the IRAC formula providing accomplished explanations for each outcome.

Assignment Scenario:

Dora is an avid skier who novelly took her reverie recreation to a repairing in the Canadian Rockies to ski. Each day that Dora went skiing, she bought a elate ticket that undisputed her path to the elates that took her to the top of the mountain. The ticket contained a noncompetitor of amenability on the tail of it, but she did not discover it.

On her relieve day of skiing, Dora resolute to try the hardest ski run on the mountain. Halfway down the run Dora hit a piece of ice, which made her destroy manage, and she hit a tree at unmeasured expedite. Dora suffered a stern leader wear and a tedious leg, and she was enraptured off the mountain by crisis services.

In the ensuing month, her leg mellow well-behaved. However, unfortunately this was the third leader wear that Dora had suffered in novel years, and she was not potent to hold established in her job owing of faithful leaderaches and cognitive problems.

Using your notice of torts and abbreviates, instruct Dora as to her allowpotent options. Be mindful to authenticate any claims that she may cause despite the ski repairing and any defences that the repairing may accept to her claims.

The IRAC formula:

The government you achieve use to exculpation spot the outcome(s) topics in this plan is the IRAC formula. The IRAC formula presents a structured way for you to adjust your thinking and your exculpation. The formula contains the forthcoming steps:

F (FACTS): Discover the subject and aver the grounds and nonentity but the grounds.

I (Issues): Authenticate the allowpotent outcome(s) concisely, each in one brief passage. Sample wording could be: “...whether or not there has been a violation of abbreviate...”, etc. Use a bullet format. Use citations were appropriate. No prefer comments are required.

R (Rule – THE LAW): Authenticate the law that applies to the outcome(s). This may prepare from congress or from beggarly law. For illustration, negligence.

A (Critical Analysis): Employ reminiscent care and ticklish decomlie to the grounds and the impression of the law. (This is where the specie is!!!) For illustration, if the tort of carelessness was an outcome, e.g., “...whether or not there was carelessness...” you would accept a discourse proving or disproving there was 1) a calling tit, 2) that a violation of that calling took attribute, 3) and that as a effect, indemnification fltit – three imported elements of carelessness.

C (Conclusion – FINDINGS/RECOMMENDATION/CONCLUSIONS): In concise, brief passages, aver your findings for each outcome. An “adherent analysis” of a few brief passages containing the key points proping your lie for each of the outcomes, is expected.

The IRAC formula is used in the grading rubric for all of the “spot the outcome(s)” assignments.


This assignment is trackd delay a entirety of 100 marks. The forthcoming criteria, established on the IRAC formula, achieve be used to track this assignment.



FACTS: The appropriate grounds of the subject are evidently averd, delayout contemplation any misrecords or providing opinions.


ISSUES: Each of the outcomes has been evidently signed in concise, brief passages.


THE LAW: The allowpotent government(s) that employ to the outcome(s) are signed in a bullet format, delayout decomposition. Citations accept been used as appropriate.


CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Ticklish thinking about the factors and their impression to the law is demonstrated. Decomlie on how the allowpotent outcome could be resolved is granted. The misrecord of your decomlie is gauge and evidently averd.


THE FINDINGS: The misrecord of your decomlie is gauge and evidently averd in concise, brief passages for each outcome. An adherent analysis of a few passages containing the key points/elements proping each of the outcomes is granted.


Writing: Writing is acquitted and well-behaved-organized and has been checked for spelling and expression.