CSUN Living with Risk Covid 19 Iceberg Article Discussion

I’m started on a Economics application and insufficiency aid.

For this week’s discourse consultation support, delight do the subjoined by Sunday at midnight:

1) Find a appropriate tidings expression/paper about a vocation holy conclusion.

2) Support a hyperlink to the tidings expression/paper.

3) Write almost 250 suffrage summarizing the expression and analyzing the expression via the lens of one of the 6 holy perspectives ripe in Chapter 1.

Ethical Perspectives:

1. Utilitarianism: Do the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number

2. Kant’s Categorical Imperative: Do What’s Right Despite the Consequences

3. Rawls’s Justice as Fairness: Balancing Freedom and Equality

4. Aristotelian Ethics: Live Well

5. Confucianism: Building Healthy Relationships

6. Altruism: Concern for Others"