Kings College London Psychological Methods Cases Questions


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Kings College London Psychological Methods Cases Questions
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For each brief case study, consider which method(s) of assessment you might choose and respond to the following questions.

You can organize your paper with headings (Case Study #1, Case Study #2, etc).  To receive full credit for this homework, respond to all the questions for each case study. 


What psychological methods could you use and why? Identify at least two methods and explain why each was selected. What could be the challenges with the method(s) chosen? 

Case Study #1

An adolescent is referred to you as a school psychologist.  His mother and his teacher referred him due to concerns for symptoms following a recent concussion while playing sports.  Following the concussion, according to his mother and teacher, he appears to have experienced some attention problems  and memory complaints. He has not been doing as well in school. In addition, they describe him as having some mild personality changes such as irritability. 

Case Study #2

A young woman who has recently come to the United States as a refugee from Syria has scheduled an appointment with you as a mental health counselor.  She is experiencing high levels of anxiety since moving to the United States. She is having difficulty determining a direction for work and career. 

Case Study #3

A parent meets with you as a school counselor to discuss behavioral problems with her middle school daughter. She has never been referred by her teachers, and she appears by her school records to be doing well in school. In order to proceed, you determine that  you need more information.