Implementation of Interactive Virtual Chat Tool… 1 answer below »

Implementation of Interactive Virtual Chat Tool
One tool that is available specifically for virtual learning is e-Lecta Live, which provides a safe, easy to use virtual classroom for organizations, universities or individuals (e-Lecta, 2014). This software is designed for teachers and is supported on Windows, MAC and several other platforms including Android and iPad/iPhone mobile devices (e-Lecta, 2014). This tool also has a platform that students can use for group projects (e-Lecta, 2014)!!
AIU implementation should begin with a cost analysis of the current model, vs. e-Lecta as a benchmark, as well as other business tools such as WebEx or LotusLive Meeting. Once the cost benefit analysis is completed, a beta group of classes across programs should trial the selected platform for one semester. Documentation by survey during and after the course should capture any malfunctions or delay of service or technical difficulty, ease of use for the instructor and student, and overall satisfaction scores.
For broader implementation, AIU would host live and recorded interactive training in order to ensure student confidence and competence using the new tool. Support programs are available for technical support, in fact e-Lecta Live has a Facebook page to post questions or to find commonly asked questions and solutions as well as a dedicated support portal (e-Lecta Live Support, 2014).
Ongoing course evaluations should continue to monitor student satisfaction and internal AIU technical support should measure frequency of issues or complaints and evaluate after 10 week sessions.
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Mary Green
How can we increase AIU online student satisfaction?
Live Chats- we can increase AIU online student satisfaction by designing a better source of communication for class talking points other than one scheduled live chat a week. One of the strongest benefits of online classes is convenience. Once a student has consciously made the decision to further their education online, it becomes clear they’re willing to go to the max of ensuring a successful academic plan. I believe implementing an additional avenue for those students to receive learning material for each assignment via the internet is essential because of time a constraint that prevents them from actively participating while it’s going on. Having an email sent to them with a summary of talking points throughout the week could be a great motivator in completing the assignments.
EBooks- One way to increase AIU online student satisfaction is to enhance the course reading material by sending a tangible hard cover textbook to the student’s address to have along with the digital eBook. Technology doesn’t always work and with the textbook handy, it makes an easy escape from frustration and panic if the portal is down (Catone, 2013). Furthermore, eBooks aren’t as easy to read as a tangible book. In this modern world, there are maybe more older students that need to take online classes for the sake of having a family and full-time job; these are the individuals who not only have the most need for online classes, but they are more familiar with the old school hard cover book and would actually prefer it.
Online Club Association/interaction- Sometimes having all online classes could be a damper in terms of meeting others and communicating. We could increase online student satisfaction in this area by conducting groups for interaction. There are some people who are taking online classes that would actually prefer to be involved with such activities in cyberspace. In the initial greeting of the course, during the online orientation, the online coordinator could introduce any extracurricular activities that are available for those students who are natural social butterflies and looking to meet like-minded people and share their interests with one another during the quarter. This is just another way for them to enjoy the class and still indulge in personal endeavors. (Wolpert, 2013).
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Implementation of Interactive Virtual Chat Tool… 1 answer below »
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