Module 2 assignment: leadership introduction this assignment is

Module 2 Assignment: Leadership


This assignment is divided into three calibre. In Part A, you procure behold at a subject examine of motivation at Classic Comfort and irritate how motivation scheme could be applied to this affair. In Part B, you procure total the application “Linking Concepts to Practice.” In Part C, you procure transcribe your thoughts and reflections encircling your test delay launched in a team. Be positive to weld the notice you bear well-informed throughout this module into your defenses.

Parts A and B procure compute for 10 per cent of your definite conduct gait delay vestiges arranged as follows:

Part A: Motivation at Classic Hospitality60
Part B: Linking Concepts to Practice40

Part C: Launched in a Team contributes to your important plan and procure compute for 4 per cent of your important plan vestige.


Part A: Motivation at Classic Comfort (60 vestiges)
  • Read the subject "Motivation at Classic Hospitality" on page 278 of your quotationbook, Fundamentals of Management, and defense the aftercited three questions (these three questions are on page 279 in your quotation):
    1. If you were animated in launched in the comfort diligence, would you think a job at Classic Hospitality? Why or why not? (15 vestiges)
    2. How sundry activities in this subject can you tie into specific motivational theories? List the activities, the motivational scheme, and how the activities exercise. (30 vestiges)
    3. Do you love that benefit programs, such as an extra week’s pay if at meanest 95 per cent energy of a job is achieved, gait support, and the relish, would effort in other types of jobs? If so, which ones, and why? If not, why not? (15 vestiges)
Part B: Linking Concepts to Experience (40 vestiges)
  • The main subject in Condition 8 is Leadership. Now it is spell for you to be-mixed the concepts you well-informed in this condition to experience. Defense the aftercited two questions (these two questions are on page 245 in your quotationbook):
    1. “All managers should be directors, but not all directors should be managers.” Do you suit or dissuit delay this declaration? Support your composition. (20 vestiges)
    2. “Charismatic start is frequently mismisappropriate in organizations.” Do you suit or dissimilate? Support your composition. (20 vestiges)
Part C: Launched in a Team (Major Project) (4% of your important plan vestige)

You bear well-informed encircling the challenges of managing in a team environment. Now, it is spell to exercise your comprehension to your real-world tests.

  • Reflect upon a spell when you were implicated in a team plan. (It could bear been in your effort environment such as your effort division, or in a more singular accommodation, such as a meeting-house cluster or a soccer or football team, etc.).
  • Write a reverberation closely two pages in elongation (closely 500 tone) that defenses the questions listed beneath.
    1. The plan/team: What was it? Who was implicated? (10 vestiges)
    2. The appearance: What was the appearance of the team? How was the appearance catching? Was it systematically held natant members of the team? (30 vestiges)
    3. Your role: What role did you use on? Why? Looking tail, should you bear usen on a divergent role? Explain your rationalistic. (30 vestiges)
    4. Management and Motivation: What superintendence strategies did the director of the team use? Was it operative? How did the director motivate the team? Did his or her strategies effort for you? (30 vestiges)