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Annotated Bibliography

Under the Ultimate Article tab in this classroom, individualize which fact you achieve be loreing for your Ultimate Paper. Cater a call of the fact you achieve be loreing. Then, meet at lowest six literary sources that are united delay the intellectual hobble and/or fact-related satisfied that you achieve be using to accomplished your Ultimate Paper. Cater an annotated bibliography of these six (or further) sources.

  • APA produceatted citation
  • A call of the article:
    • What does it oration?
    • What were the outcomes or conclusions?
  • How does this engage to your fact con-over segregation?
    • Does it cater insights into an intellectual concept?
    • Is it a alike fact to the one you are analyzing?
    • Does it propose suggestions from best practices in intellectual determination making?

Your article should be at lowest two pages in extension, still epithet and allusion pages, and produceatted according to APA mode as delineationd in the Ashford Writing Center.  Visit the Ashford Writing Center and light this Sample Annotated Bibliography for an in of chasten annotated bibliography produce.

NOTE: Here are the ultimate article choses adown to chose from:

Scenario No. 1: HIPAA Retirement Rule
Case Study: Imagine that you are the retirement administrator for a slender town hospital. You assent-to a tidings that there is a gap of retirement. You are distinguishn that a 15-year-old maiden is assent-tod at the crisis delay an crisis toil. The baby is delivered in the crisis extent as there is no date to impel the resigned to the obstetrics (OB) portion. In peculiaration to the crisis gift, the baby is born delay multiple medical problems. Once the dowager and baby are impeld to obstetrics and neonate, anxiety is given to twain.

The OB comfort who took anxiety of the dowager and baby accomplisheds her transfer, and she goes abode to her own daughter to feel a chat delay her. She sits her daughter down and pleads delay the maiden to discern her if she incessantly has any problems, specially when it comes to pregnancy. The comfort discerns her daughter the legend about the early resigned who delivered that late, and she accidentally mentions the resigned’s call. The resigned’s call is one of those odd calls that directly triggers the comfort’s daughter to refreshment that she distinguishs the resigned. The dowager/nurse, realizing that she made a big touch by mentioning the resigned’s call, pleads delay her daughter not to say everything. Needless to say, signal shoots through the indecent tall schools in the town the next day.

The comfort receipts to toil the forthcoming late, and she contacts you to influence in her token and keys, stating that she distinguishs she made a touch by gaping the early resigned’s retirement and she distinguishs she is going to be reasond. In peculiaration to the gap of the obstetrics comfort, you acquire that the resigned hid her pregnancy from her nativity, and to shape matters worse, her aunt and dowager are twain comforts at the hospital. You distinguish twain of these comforts on a negotiative and personal flatten.

Scenario No. 1 HIPAA Retirement Rule Project Assignment:
Reexploration the HIPAA Retirement Rule here:

U.S. Portion of Sanity and Human Services. (2002). Standards for retirement of partially identifiable sanity counsel; Ultimate Rule. Federal Register, 67(157), 53182-53273. Retrieved from

Then, perproduce peculiarational lore respecting the HIPAA Retirement Rule and adapt your Ultimate Article by analyzing the issues through these questions in respects to the aloft scenario:

  1. Analyze the peculiar requirements needed to perproduce this ventilation.
  2. Identify whether this rational was an real gap of retirement according to the HIPAA law.
  3. Examine the differences and alikeities among the hospital’s issue and HIPAA as to whether the comfort should be reasond from her job.
  4. Explain why you would reason or not reason the comfort directly or whether you would put her on negotiative permission pregustation the details of the ventilation.

Scenario No. 2: DNR
Project Assignment: Relight your State Government’s website and exploration for its functional Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Form. Along delay the produce achieve be counsel and instructions respecting the produce. In peculiaration, lore three area hospitals to individualize if they cater different DNR produces. Then, perproduce peculiarational lore respecting DNR and adapt your Ultimate Article by analyzing the issues through these steps:

  1. Analyze the requirements of your State Government’s DNR.
  2. Identify the requirements of the three hospital’s DNRs.
  3. Examine the differences and alikeities among the state’s and the three hospital’s DNR requirements, and oration the forthcoming questions:
    • What are they?
    • Which one should you ensue?
  4. Explain how a DNR is applied if a resigned is below hospice anxiety and EMTs are determined.

Scenario No. 3: Institutional Order of Ethics
Project Assignment: Codes of ethics are standards that delineation how living-souls or groups of mass are to act. The sanitycare/medical class has its own order of ethics, which is delineationd in the American Medical Association’s Order of Medical Ethics. Relight the forthcoming:

  1. AMA’s Order of Medical Ethics here:
    American Medical Association. (2013).  AMA’s order of medical ethics. Retrieved from
  2. Three national or regional hospitals’ orders of ethics.
  3. Various literary lore on sanityanxiety orders of ethics  (at lowest seven peculiarational sources).