Writing assignment about head of tutankhamun and head of king david

Writing Assignment: This monograph requires that you centre on two designs of your dainty in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).  For model, they may be of the identical esthetic, effected using a correspondent technique, own served a correspondent character, or own connections in their iconography .  

To attempt out designs, you succeed insufficiency to ponder the Museum’s website (www.metmuseum.org), which has ideas of abundantly of the collections online. 

Most of your monograph succeed be a similarity of your two designs by verbally describing them in a drastic and argumentative form. I succeed yield you delay a register of questions that succeed aid you brainstorm during your remark mode. To augment your discareer of these designs, you succeed add notification bisectial from at last three outer sources of polite-informed notification, none of which may be the career passagebook and at last two of which must be either books or journal creed. 

All notification comprised in your passage from your exploration must be cited truly either using endnotes/footnotes or parenthetical passage. Please use the passage plan delay which you are most convenient. If you use parenthetical passage or do not arrange bountiful bibliographic notification in the footnotes/endnotes, a bibliography succeed be required at the end of the monograph. If you construct intimation to other designs in your discareer so those you separated at the MMA, you insufficiency to comprise ideas of these pieces as polite and should assign to such illustrations rightly in your passage (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.).

In conjunction to your passage, you succeed insufficiency to comprise an idea of each design. You may download ideas from the MMA’s website or grasp them in individual conjuncture in the galleries (remember, no flash please!). The pictures of your designs do not insufficiency to be functional virtue, fitting absolved ample for the reader to own a emend intellect of your question stuff. Your passage so insufficiencys to comprise the compensation sum for twain designs, which can be base on the design labels in the galleries as polite as on the MMA’s website.

The passage should be a narrowness of four bountiful wrap spaced pages in prolixity (typewritten, 12 purpose font, steady margins). Please be unfailing to comprise your call and career name either on a name page or in the excellent hole of the original page. 

You succeed transcribe two drafts of this monograph.  

Grades succeed be inveterate upon the subjoined criteria:

· Punctuality in turning in each bisect of the assignment

· Inclusion of ideas and superabundance to required prolixity and formatting

· Proper integration of polite-informed sources and their passage delayin the passage

· Clarity and correctness of despatches

· Virtue of ideas

· Thoroughness of descriptions and similarity

· Effort as a equal editor

An indispensable expertness that should be mastered by any garden disequalize is the force to transcribe suitably and effectively. For this discuss, the despatches assignment is ardent the heaviest burden in your overall trice. Included in your commendatory packet is a register of phraseology and punctuation rules that students repeatedly violent-effort delay. Please silence that want to supervene these rules succeed development in waste to your monograph trice.