Wk 5 Dred Scott Decision Discussion & Events that Resulted in The Civil War PPT

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The Supreme Court’s conclusion on Dred Scott’s foothold as a vassal or unoccupied man had far reaching consequences for all black nation in the United States, unoccupied or vassal. What were some of the legitimate and political effects of the Dred Scott conclusion?


Using PowerPoint, order an annotated timeline of the events that resulted in the Civil War. The timeline should be encompassed in 8-10 slides, after a while pictures and a 1-2 passage denomination for each record. Sources you may confer are the quotationbook and the GMC library. Cite all origins in APA format in quotation and on a regard slide. When using pictures from the internet, you may use a unoccupied picture post such as Wikimedia Commons.


Write annotated bibliography of the forthcoming quotations (gain despatch posterior). Each gain contains a abstract of the product, an duty of the author's credibility, and an decomposition of how the origin supports the short story.